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About Sundarban

About Sundarban

Sunderban: More Than Just a Location, It's an Experience

In the Sundarban trip, you may witness several extinct species, varying from tortoises to tigers The Unesco ’s World heritage Area that is Sunderban may be found at the most southern point that make up Kolkata. This location is around 110 kilometres away. The sundari plants, which are unique to this area, are the source of the delta’s namesake. These plants can only be seen in this particular region. The splendour of this mangrove forest, which is among the largest mangrove ecosystems that can be seen on the earth’s surface today, is absolutely enchanting. Most of the time, individuals who are touring with us are curious about the origin of the name of this location. To be honest, the name of the location says it all. The term “Sundarban” refers to an attractive woodland. The fact that perhaps the Sunderban is the world’s largest park dedicated to tigers is one of the most interesting things about it. The centrepiece of the location is undoubtedly the Royal Bengal Tiger. As per its name, it’s also the most regal of all of the tigers that can be seen living on the earth’s surface today. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they also act as a barrier between the residents of Kolkata and the outside world. It shields them from the devastating floods that might otherwise have wiped out the lives of those living along the shore up to this point.

About Sundarban

Prepare To Visit Extraordinary Locations In Sundarban And Acquire A Lifetime Memory

There are a slew of stunning tourist attractions in the Sundarban. Depending on the itinerary you select, some or all of these attractions may be included in your Sundarban vacation package. Every location has its own individual tourist attractions, and each one is special in its own way. Among the many wonderful places to visit in the following

  1. Sajnekhali Tiger reserve
  2. Dobanki camp
  3. Netidhopani Watch Tower
  4. Bonnie Camp
  5. Kalashdeep
  6. Jhingakhali
  7. Burirdabri Forest Camp
  8. Gangasagar
The Sundarban

Explore These Narrow Creeks for an Amazing Experience in Sundarban.

When streams like the Ganges as well as the Brahmaputra were separated, the Sundarban was formed. It’s a magnificent sight to witness these rivers divide up into smaller channels towards their final destination. These narrow streams are also a popular tourist destination since they offer a breathtaking view that is ideal for photographing. The below are among the most picturesque waterways in the Sundarbans.

  1. Sarak Khali
  2. Sundar Khali
  3. Banabibi Varani
  4. Pir Khali
  5. Duyel Vrani
  6. Chara Gazi